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E-Learning QA & Accreditation

Quality is an old and nevertheless current subject in the field of education which is often linked to the accreditation process. While it is difficult to define; its importance is universally appreciated. Quality in general is described as a concept rather than a technique, and therefore its implementation is very much dependent on the process at hand. The quality assurance system documents the procedures with the aim of ensuring that the overall process meets specified objectives, and demonstrates that quality is a manageable outcome.

When tackling e-learning and online programs; a number of questions arise on: How has quality been defined? What standards have been applied and what quality assurance mechanisms have been introduced? how to measure and continuously improve quality of online programs? What policies and guidelines are available in regard to quality assurance and accreditation?

Today, more and more universities in the region are interested in assuring and improving the quality of thier programs and services, both to ensure the status and standing of thier institutions within thier countries as well as to gain international acceptance of thier e-learning programs as they globalize thier operations.